The Sioux Empire Fair is the biggest fair in South Dakota. The 2021 Sioux Empire Fair kicked off on Thursday, Aug. 5th, and runs through Sunday, Aug. 15.

If you've been to any fair in recent years you know how expensive they can be. Since the beginning of carnivals, it's been the intention of every carnie to separate you from your money.

This last Friday Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken was at the fair with his daughter Nora. The Mayor and his daughter did a Facebook live titled 'Ask Nora Anything' where they talked about many things including what they felt were the two “biggest ripoff things” at the Sioux Empire Fair.

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The Mayor pointed out that the fair has “gotten somewhat expensive” stating it was “more expensive than I thought. Agreed!

Mayor TenHaken commented that “They went to the fair and Nora had to get something.” They concluded that they found the two biggest ripoff fads of all time. Fidget Spinners and Pop Sockets. Agreed!

Fidget Spinners are marketed to “increase concentration and attention” in kids. Ironically most schools ban them because they are distracting.

I thought Pop Sockets were little kickstands you stick to the back of your cell phone but apparently judging by the video there are also Pop Sockets that you waste time with like Fidget Spinners.

So are Fidget Spinners and Pop Sockets the 'biggest ripoffs' at the Sioux Empire Fair? There certainly are a lot of contenders for that title. I'd have to toss the $8 Corn Dog and $10 beer in that competition as well.

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