Heaven knows South Dakota has turned out some highly talented folks throughout the years. If you have any doubts, you need to look no further than people like Tom Brokaw, Adam Vinatieri, Mary Hart, Bob Barker, Myron Floren, January Jones, Becky Hammon, Mike Miller, Cheryl Ladd, Gary Owens, Mamie Van Doren, Chad Greenway, Sparky Anderson, Brock Lesnar, I mean the list just goes on and on and on.

We can now add another talent to that long list of South Dakotans, and her name is Jo Kimball of Sioux Falls.

Kimball is a Lincoln High Senior, and this week she is being presented with an opportunity of a lifetime.

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According to Dakota News Now, on Wednesday (February 1) Kimball will find herself in New York City set to take part in a series of people performing at Carnegie Hall.

Kimball will be one of the alto voices, that can be heard singing in a 100-person mixed-choir group on Wednesday night inside Carnegie Hall in the Big Apple.

10,000 people auditioned worldwide, and Kimball was one of only 500 people selected to perform.

Now there's an impressive accomplishment to put on one's resume or tell your children and grandchildren someday.

Kimball told Dakota News Now, “It’s really intimidating because I’m the only person I know that even auditioned for this choir, the only person in South Dakota, and it’s just a huge, huge choir. So it’s very intimidating but also really exciting. I’ve been in honor choirs before. I’ve done state, and regional, but I feel like it’s nothing compared to this, you know. Like, usually I know people that are going into those choirs.”

While in Sioux Falls, Kimball certainly keeps herself busy, she is a voice in three local choirs, but still somehow manages to find time to create that perfect school life and social life balance that can be extremely challenging for anyone to achieve, especially at that age.

I think it's quite evident that all of Kimball's hard work is paying off for her in life.

As Dakota News Now reports, Kimball still remains very humble as she continues to be presented with great opportunities like the Carnegie Hal performance on Wednesday night.

Congrats Jo, on your latest accomplishment! Thanks for being yet another person we can add to the long list of people that continue to make us South Dakotans proud!

Source: Dakota News Now 

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