I am embarrassed to admit that a million years ago, (alright, it was more like a couple decades) I was a minuscule part of a radio promotion whose aim was to transform Mr. Bendo into Elvis. Did we accomplish it. Yup. Do I owe Mr. Bendo an apology? Undoubtedly.

I, along with many in Sioux Falls, mourned deeply when Mr. Bendo was taken out by an inebriated lunkhead on St. Patrick's Day in 2010. We also cheered when he got back up on his feet. Then came news that Buck's Mufflers, (Mr. B's home since 1963) was closing due to the owner's retirement.

Thankfully Joe Darst from Automotive Brake and Exhaust at 2516 S. Minnesota Avenue, (near 33rd & Minnesota) has agreed to give "Big B" a new home. After some legal wrangling back-and-forth with the city, Mr. Darst will be bringing Bendo to his new home Memorial Day weekend or soon thereafter.

Don't expect Mr. B to have his pipe with him though. That was part of the legal shenanigans; the pipe in his hand makes him a sign, (what, instead of an icon?!) and Mr. Darst's business already had one. Uh--what? Anywhooo...Bendo will again be staring into the future with those piercing eyes very soon from a new location and I for one am thrilled.

Dear Mr. Bendo,

I promise not to dress you up like anyone else, ever again! Sorry.



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