It is one of life's unimaginable happenings, a fire starts at your home, you call 911, firefighters arrive, and then - your home is so damaged, it is not livable.

This was the exact situation reported by Dakota News Now on Wednesday, June 30. At 8:10 PM at a home in the 900 block of Spring Avenue, near Minnesota and 1st Avenue.

The first reports that came in indicated that flames were burning at the back of the home and that someone was on the roof of the house.  When a Sioux Falls Fire Rescue team arrived they indeed found the fire raging in the rear of the structure.

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The person who had been standing on the roof of the home was now in the front yard and was injured. That unidentified person was treated by the arriving fire crews and then taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries.

Five responding fire crews with 24 firefighters worked to get the fire under control and had that done in about 15 minutes. They then worked for a number of hours after that to make sure the fire was out. One of the fire crews stayed throughout the night to check for hot spots.

The damage to the back of the home including the rear area of the second floor was extensive.

The particulars regarding whether there were other residents in the home and their well-being have not been released at this time. The investigation of the origin of the fire is ongoing. Sioux Falls Fire Rescue encourages all residents to have a fire escape plan for their homes.

For more information see Sioux Falls Fire Rescue online and on Facebook.

Sources: Dakota News Now and the City of Sioux Falls/Sioux Falls Fire Rescue

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