I first discovered Spoon University by way of a recipe which caught my eye online. It is essentially a website for college foodies with recipes, how-to articles on campus life, information on pop culture, fashion and more.

Because I'm a bit past needing info for college life, it is usually the recipes I focus on. Some of them are surprisingly delicious and far more healthy than you would expect, from college kids contributing from all over the country.

One of their staff writers did a project on the most instagrammed restaurants in each state, so that when fellow student travelers were in a particular state, they would have some idea of where they might get the best foodie fix.

In South Dakota, the restaurant which apparently has more photos taken than any other, is the Phillips Avenue Diner in downtown Sioux Falls. Personally, I've had many a meal there that was picture-worthy, but unfortunately they were eaten before a thought of photographing them came to mind!

That included last summer, when I took my sister and brother-in-law from Colorado there for a late lunch. I had the "Kitchen Sink" burger, which, (at that time, it has since changed a bit) had deep fried mac-n-cheese included with all the other ingredients piled on it. It was to die for! My other fave is the "Black & Bleu BLT" minus the cajun seasoning.

If you're wondering which restaurants were the most instagrammed in every state just take a peek at their website. You'll find some great recipes too, even if you're nowhere near college age.

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