Do you have a house in your neighborhood that used to be a fairly nice home, maybe even somewhat impressive and now it is a dilapidated mess? I have been driving past a home like that on West 18th street, several times a week, for almost 25 years now. It used to be a beautiful, well-cared for home with a nicely manicured lawn, which blended in with the other nice, but modest homes on that city thoroughfare.

Years ago, a friend of mine told me that a home at 18th & Western had a swimming pool in its basement and I always wondered if it was the corner home or the home next to it and now, I know. It is the home at 2105 West 18th Street, which is now in foreclosure and for sale.

I can only imagine what this home was like back in the 50's, the kind of parties the family would have around their indoor pool. It must have been incredible!

Nearly every weekend I end up at my friends Debbie and Loren McManus's home watching all kinds of renovation and remodeling shows (Fixer Upper, Beachfront Bargain Hunt, Property Brothers, etc.) on HGTV. This house is exactly the kind of home that needs some major love!

Check it out. . .

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