We have all been to a restaurant where we've received exceptional service before, but nothing quite like this.

A Sioux Falls man and his daughter went out for dinner at the West 41st Street Fryn’ Pan on Friday night, (January 20) for what they thought would be a normal dining experience. But, before the evening was over, the man ended up owing the restaurant manager his life.

Dustin Beck took the first bite of the steak tips he ordered shortly after they arrived at his table that evening, only to get one of them stuck in his throat. He immediately got up and ran towards the kitchen area where he encountered restaurant manager Kim Blackburn.

After pointing towards his throat, KDLT TV is reporting that Blackburn grabbed Beck and started performing the Heimlich maneuver. Upon the third try, the piece of meat lodged in Beck's throat came flying out.

Beck says, the scariest thing about the whole experience was knowing his daughter was watching the whole ordeal.

He also knows he owes Blackburn his life. “I guarantee if it wasn’t for him I would not be here. There was no time to wait for an ambulance or anything. I was already out of breath and  I couldn’t breathe," said Beck.

Beck claims he hasn't seen Blackburn since the night of the incident. But he did make a public post on Facebook hoping Blackburn would see, or hear about it, and know how much he appreciates the heroic act.

Used (with permission of KDLT TV)
KDLT News (Used with Permission)

Others, like Liz Blaise of Sioux Falls, read the post and plan to help organize a pay it forward experience for Blackburn soon.  According to Blaise, “People want to hear about the good things, so I think when we hear about a good experience we need to make sure we are telling others. Just so all of us can remain positive."

I'm just wondering what kind of tip Beck left Blackburn at the end of the night? I bet it was a biggie!

Source: KDLT TV

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