The good news is, we're hard workers here in Sioux Falls, work ethic still means something in our small city. The bad news is we're also the number one city in the country with the most people holding down multiple jobs. The implication being, people in this part of the world have to work extra hard to make a living wage.

The number-crunching scientists at WalletHub have once again come up with some interesting statistics whilst determining which are the hardest-working cities in the country. And all those stats point to the fact that Americans work much harder than our counterparts in numerous other industrialized countries. So, way to go--us!

In order to determine where the hardest working humans live in our country, WalletHub compared the most populated 116 cities in the U.S. across multiple categories. Taking into account things like; average workweek hours, leaving vacation time unused, commute times, workers with multiple jobs, leisure time hours and volunteering.

When all the statistics were distilled down, Sioux Falls came in 20th overall, which is, as stated at the beginning of this article a mixed blessing. Yes, we work hard here in Sioux Falls, but for those toiling at multiple jobs just to keep food on the table and bills paid, it's not an optimum situation.

For more information, you can see the complete report at WalletHub.

Source: WalletHub

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