UPDATE: Apparently, the same coyote that made off with a family pet attempted to do the same at around the same time.

According to the Argus Leader, the "coyote attempted to take another dog from the same area on Sunday around the same time, [Animal Control supervisor Julie DeJong] said. However, the second dog was able to be rescued by its owner and was not hurt. Both dogs were morkies, or a mix of Yorkshire terriers and Maltese dogs."

Here's something that any dog or cat lover fears, having a wild animal come into your yard and harm, or steal, your family pet.

KSFY TV is reporting that the unthinkable happened to a family living in the northwestern part of Sioux Falls over the weekend.

According to KSFY, early Saturday morning, (November 17) a coyote walked up into the yard of a Sioux Falls couple, and took their small dog, despite their efforts of yelling and trying to distract the animal.

The couple immediately notified Sioux Falls Animal Control, who have since been monitoring the situation and are taking steps to haze, scare, and trap the coyote.

Animal Control officials told KSFY, should you ever find yourself in a similar situation, the best course of action to take, is to yell and wave your arms. Make as much noise as you can. They also recommend throwing sticks or small stones or use various repellents; such as water, vinegar water, pepper spray or bear repellent if possible in the direction of the approaching wild animal in an effort to deter its aggressive behavior.

As KSFY reports, normally wild animals like coyotes are naturally timid, and will typically run away if confronted. But, occasionally a coyote will become aggressive due to lack of fear for humans.

Unfortunately, that was the tragic result on Saturday for one Sioux Falls couple.

Source: KSFY TV

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