A Sioux Falls woman and her husband are now $614,181 richer thanks to the South Dakota Lottery!

KSFY TV is reporting on Tuesday (September 19), Lynda Blesi and her husband Pete claimed the largest Dakota Cash jackpot ever in the history of South Dakota, since the game launched in the state back in 1994.

Blesi told KSFY TV that she has a long history of playing the Dakota Cash game. According to her husband Pete, Lynda typically purchases Dakota Cash tickets twice a week at the Hy-Vee Gas on Louise Avenue in Sioux Falls.

Her loyalty to the game finally paid off in a big way! What's funny, Lynda didn't know she had won the record jackpot right away. She only discovered she was a winner, while she was in the process of paying bills recently.

According to the KSFY TV story, Blesi found the winning lottery ticket stuck inside her checkbook, that prompted her to see if she had won any money. Imagine her surprise after that.

Blesi claims she needed to check the ticket about nine times to verify she had actually won the record jackpot amount.

Now that the Lynda and Pete have a little, okay, a lot of extra cash, KSFY TV is reporting they plan to pay off their home and vehicle. They also plan to keep on playing the Dakota Cash game every week.

Who knows, it just may pay to play again!

Source: KSFY TV

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