Friday morning I was driving south on Minnesota Avenue in Sioux Falls and some nice young kids were waving colorful signs saying: "Car Wash $1." I thought it was a local youth group doing some kind of fundraiser and that for a buck or perhaps a free will offering they'd wash your car.

I have always tried to support our local youth in whatever way I could and my Honda always needs washing. So I pulled into the VFW parking lot to be greeted by a whole group of jovial kids obviously having a great time on a beautiful Friday morning.

As a bunch of energetic smiling faces descended on my vehicle with hose and towels I inquired with a young man named Ryan as to who they were with and what cause was benefiting from their car wash today?

That's when he told me: "We are a youth group from the local Vineyard Church here in Sioux Falls and we just wanted to bless the community."

I said: "Thank you very much!"  And I got back into my car.

When the kids had finished the wash another young man approached my car. I rolled down the drivers window and prepared to give him a donation for a job well done.

That's when he handed me a one $1 bill and said: "Thank you very much for letting us wash your car. God Bless You!"

I paused and again tried to hand him some cash. He insisted that they could not take any money and smiled, thanked me, and wished me a blessed day.

There were cars lining up so I moved on and I thought to myself what a cool thing to do.  What a creative way to spread good will.

Hats off to this church for getting this youth involved is such a positive life experience.

It really is more blessed to give than receive.  Thanks for making my day!

Vineyard Church Car Wash
Ben Davis