How many pets do you feel a person should be able to legally own within Sioux Falls city limits? As it stands right now, there is a city ordinance in Sioux Falls stating that you can only own four. That number is not enough for some citizens.

About three years ago, my wife and I had three dogs, and I have to admit that was a chaotic nightmare most days. Especially when the dogs are Wire Fox Terriers. It was  like having three F-3 tornados rolling through your house 24/7. How did Noah manage the Arc? He must of had the patience of Job.

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Dakota News Now is reporting, there are a number of pet owners here in Sioux Falls that are hoping to persuade the city to make changes to the ordinance that will allow devoted pet lovers to legally own more than four animals within the city limits.

Many Sioux Falls residents already have more than four animals currently residing in their homes. As the law stands right now, those pet owners are subject to a series of citations should another citizen make a complaint to the city that pertains to their pets.

A person can actually be cited multiple times for the same pet ordinance violation.

Sioux Falls Animal Control Supervisor, Julie DeJong told Dakota News Now, “It’s very similar to, let’s say you don’t have your license plates up to date, each day you don’t have your license plate up to date you can get another citation for that. So, each day you don’t have the correct number of animals in your household you can get a citation for that as well.”

Sioux Falls multiple pet owner Erik Herbek is one such resident attempting to get the city to amend its laws regarding pet ownership.

Like many pet owners, the Herbek's eight bulldogs are well behaved and well cared for. They view their animals as members of the family.

According to Dakota News Now, the Herbek's are also a Sioux Falls family that has had a pet compliant filed against them by a neighbor. The complaint stemmed from the number of dogs the Herbek's own and had nothing to do with noise, smell, or the animals being a nuisance. The female neighbor simply felt the Herbek's owned to many animals.

As Dakota News Now reports, the Herbek's have reached out to the Sioux Falls City Council and are still awaiting word on whether the city will be open to discussing and hopefully modifying the ordinance regarding pet ownership within the city.

How do you feel, should a person be able to be their own Ace Ventura and own as many pets as they want, provided all the animals are well cared for, have plenty of room to roam, and aren't a nuisance or danger to others?  Let us know on our Facebook page.

Source: Dakota News Now

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