We've all seen those National Anthem singing disasters: Rosanne Barr's ear-splitting, screeching, baseball game version, with inappropriate scratching and spitting included; Steven Tylers awful rendition before a Ravens-Patriots NFL playoff game; Olympian runner Carl Lewis who turned out to be a champion among awful singers. The list is a long one. (Check out the video below for more, if you can stand it!)

Granted, it is a difficult song to sing and you really need to have a broad vocal range and a good memory to do it well. If that is you, the Sanford Pentagon has a real opportunity for you to prove it.

They're presenting the Sanford Pentagon Showcase, spotlighting NCAA Division 1 college basketball teams in action, on Friday, November 24 through Sunday, November 26 and they are giving three singers the opportunity to perform at the games.

If you would love that opportunity, you just need to leave a video response showing off your talent on the Sanford Pentagon Facebook page and they'll pick three winners soon.

For more information go to Sanford Pentagon's Facebook page.

Source: Sanford Pentagon

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