On Tuesday morning a raccoon started climbing the UBS Buildin in downtown St. Paul. It apparently got scared by some maintenance workers who were trying to help it get down off the building, but instead the raccoon started climbing the side of the building.

It made it all the way to the 23rd floor on the ledge just outside the window of the Paige Donnely Law Firm. It hung out there for hours while people watched it on the live streak from the WCCO Facebook page.

I was messmerised by this poor little fella, wondering if he could make it to the top of the building or if he would meet his maker in a free fall to the pavement below? It was too dangerous for local Animal Control to attemp a rescue, so we all just watched.

WCCO is reporting that some folks placed a live trap on the roof of the building with some cat food in it with the hope that the racoon would smell it an climb the rest of the way to the roof and into the safety of the trap.

Good news! Wednesday morning the little fella did just that. You can see in the video below that he made it to the roof!

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