There was a Bigfoot sighting in downtown Sioux Falls on Saturday, and word has it, you stand a pretty good chance of seeing him again for the next year if you frequent the downtown area.

A massive piece of art called "Sasquatch", created by D. Lewis is just one of the new pieces of art that's part of SculptureWalk 2018.

If you're a lover of the arts, you will awestruck by the amazing new works of art that are now lining the streets of downtown Sioux Falls. Next time you visit downtown, make sure you allow enough time to check out all these impressive works of artistry. You'll see pieces like, "Laura & Jack" a depiction of Laura Ingalls Wilder, with her trusty bulldog companion Jack. There's also an awesome piece called "Mountain Love" that features a female mountain lion, with her two cubs nestled by her side, and a humorous piece called "When Pigs Fly" that depicts a pig with a jetpack strapped to its back.

There are 57 new pieces of art that make up SculptureWalk 2018. The various pieces will be on display in the downtown area for the next year. According to KSFY TV, you can also vote for your favorite sculptures throughout the year, which payout some big prize money for the winning artists.

Remember, if you absolutely fall in love with an individual piece of art that you see during this year's SculptureWalk, KSFY reports that all of the pieces are available to be purchased.

Now the question becomes, where can I find a place for a 10 foot Yeti in my home?

Source: KSFY TV

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