If you held off on buying the fitness equipment you wanted because you were busy buying presents for everyone else, good for you!

Not just because you're a giver, but because January is a great month to save on the treadmill or elliptical you want.

And, depending on the reason you need one, this is either good news or not-so-good news. Bathroom scales are deeply discounted this month. So, you can determine the shocking effect that Christmas cookies, Chex Party Mix, and Hershey's Kisses in mass quantities have on your waistline.

Or, you can measure your New Year's progress on that "This is the year I get healthy!" resolution.

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Another item you may want to buy yourself to reach that health goal is a fitness tracker. According to Consumer Reports, these are items that -

Range from simple to sophisticated, with corresponding prices. Some simply count your steps while others use GPS to map your workouts, and many also measure your heart rate and can even monitor your sleeping patterns

For most homes, during the winter dry air can be a real problem because when you crank up the heat, the humidity takes a dive. This can lead to sore throats, dehydration, dry eyes, asthma issues being made worse, and more. The answer is a humidifier.

There are two types to choose from - warm mist and dry mist. You want one that is easy to clean and easy to move, with some features like auto shutoff, or a humidistat that will turn it off when the humidity is adequate.

On the techno side of things, you should be able to find wireless routers and soundbars, and smartwatches on sale this month too.

Lastly, remember when white sales were always a big deal in January? They may not be these days, but you can still find really good prices on bedding - in particular, sheets.

Consumer Reports has a complete list of items that are good buys this month. So as they say, (whoever they are) "figure out what you need, not just what you want", do your due diligence, homework-wise, and start shopping.

Source: Consumer Reports

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