If you already indulged in the purchase of a big screen TV before the Big Game, way to go, you! You conceivably saved around 22% (on average) on that big expense because TVs are one of the deeply discounted products you'll find during the month of February.

Consumer Reports also suggests checking out these items for purchase in February:

  • Winter Sports Gear and clothing - Retailers continue marking these items down to make room for incoming Spring merchandise. Wednesday thru Friday are the days they are most likely to start the markdowns, so shop mid-week on, for the best buys
  • Online Tax Preparation - If you have a tax refund coming, file early and save money on do-it-yourself tax products. Early filers not only get their money back more quickly, have a better chance of avoiding identity theft (before the IRS is bogged down later in the tax season), but you could save anywhere from 30 to 50% on tax software prices.
  • Humidifiers - Here in South Dakota, Wintertime is the only time you might really appreciate one of these, so it is a good thing that right now is the time to price one out and (again) save between 30 & 50%
  • Indoor furniture - President's Day Sales will be coming up soon and much like clothing retailers, furniture stores will be making way for new Spring season product. If however, you are picky about upholstery you might not be the person interested in an extraordinary price on a floor model of something. But it never hurts to look.

Happy shopping!

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