Runners from all over the state of Iowa and the nation have begun to dedicate their various mileage to the memory of Mollie Tibbetts, the college student that was murdered while jogging near Brooklyn, Iowa back in July.

Mollie's body was discovered earlier this week on Tuesday morning (August 21) in a cornfield in rural Iowa.

According to the Springfield News-Sun, this Sunday (August 26) runners in Iowa plan to use the hashtag #MilesForMollie on social media to log every mile they run that day in memory of fellow fallen runner Mollie Tibbetts.

The tragedy that befell Mollie Tibbetts should serve as an excellent reminder to every runner to have a runner's safety plan in place before you take off for your next jog.

Authorities encourage all runners to wear well-lit clothing that can easily be seen by motorists. Runners should always carry an ID, and consider carrying their smartphone with them while on a run.

It's also a very good idea to have an app downloaded on your phone that will track the route of your run in the event you should need to call police in case of an emergency. Having an app like this, aids authorities in their efforts to quickly find the geographical location of the person making the distress call by working with cell phone companies to ping your phone.

Unfortunately, we now live in a world where a person can never be too safe. So it's imperative to have a safety action plan in place.

Don't forget fellow runners, the next time you hit the pavement, it's hashtag #MilesForMollie on social media. 

Source: Springfield News-Sun

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