Tom Simmons was with Midco for almost 30 years before retiring at the end of 2016. You can't hang around Sioux Falls for that long and be involved in as many things as he was without becoming a familiar face and presence in your community. He served on boards for a number of organizations because philanthropy was also one of his passions.

Tom has only been my friend for a bit over a decade, but the first time I met him his intelligence and sense of humor shone through. He knew how to bring the best out of people, in business and away from it, and he knew how to pay a sincere compliment. Whether saying how he truly enjoyed our show, or telling me how much he loved to hear me sing, when he said it, it had gravity, it went to your heart.

Now he has become an author using the handle W. Tom Simmons (I'll have to ask what the W. stands for, as I have no idea). He's sharing his insights into the culture of business; addressing why some leaders are so successful and others not.

His book How We Do Things Around Here stresses the importance of a united vision for a company or group and the necessity of a positive environment when hiring and retaining great employees.

He'll be chatting about all this and more when he appears at the Downtown Library, 200 North Main Avenue, on Tuesday, May 15, from  6:30 to 7:30 PM. For more information, call 605-367-8700 or visit Siouxland Libraries online.

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