With apologies to Dr. Suess, I honestly would not, could not slurp down a pickle juice slush. I would not slurp it in a car, I would not slurp it in a bar. "I would not like it here or there, I would not like it anywhere!"

But I may be alone in those feelings, as there apparently is a big demand for pickle juice--everything. Most notably, Sonic drive-ins have just started offering beautifully green-colored pickle-juice slushes, and in the same vein, Pickle Ice pickle-flavored freezer pops are available.

Maybe bacon cheeseburger pizza is on the menu. How about a Pickle Juice Soda to wash it down? Dill Pickle chips for a snack? Why not dunk them in Dill Pickle dip? Dill Pickle flavored martini, anyone? Why not. Just pick up a bottle of pickle-flavored vodka? Perhaps you can look forward to a pickle-flavored candy cane in your stocking this Christmas.

Last and certainly least (in my opinion, anyway) is this disgusting offering from Hurts Donuts; a raised doughnut "stuffed with pickle cheesecake filling, dipped in vanilla icing, sprinkled with dried dill" and topped with a gelatinous pickle juice cube. Ick!!!!

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