A civil rights group has made it their goal to highlight the Attorney General’s race in the upcoming South Dakota election. One component of that fact-finding mission is a questionnaire that was posed to both candidates to get their views on the issues.

The American Civil Liberties Union-South Dakota chapter submitted 16 questions to Democrat Randy Seiler and Republican Jason Ravnsborg so that voters could view the answers and make an informed decision on November 6. ACLU-SD Policy Director Libby Skarin says Seiler took a detailed approach in his answers.

“I think that in his responses he was very thoughtful and I appreciate that he really took the time to answer the questions in a long format. I think that we got some good answers from him and I’m thankful that he opted to fill those out.”

Beyond the answers that were submitted, Skarin believes great insight can be gained and a template is now in place to hold the candidate accountable.

“We’re also encouraged that he has such a breadth of experience and understands these issues in a very nuanced way. As a candidate, I think that voters should pay attention to the expertise that the candidate is bringing to the job and the perspective that comes from that expertise.”

Seiler who is former U.S. Attorney in South Dakota was the only one of the two candidates to return the questionnaire. Ravnsborg is currently serving as a Major in a joint intelligence unit in Minneapolis and was defeated in the 2014 Republican primary for the U.S. Senate. If you would like to read Seiler's responses, click here.


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