Domestic violence is as insidious as it is common and its impact on our world as a whole is stunning. The economic and psychological damage inflicted on its victims has far-reaching effects beyond personal experiences suffered.

The repercussions of this behavior can ripple throughout society over generations. You may have heard the sayings, "violence begets violence" or "the abused becomes the abuser". The sad truth is that many victims of domestic violence will perpetuate that cycle.

Here in South Dakota, one in 3 women, and one in 4 men, will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. Every year over 8 million children are exposed to it. As I was when I was a child. But there are ways to combat it and create change, because no one should have to live in fear, especially in their own home.

Children's Inn here in Sioux Falls has made this their mission since they opened in 1977 as one of the first crisis shelters in the country. Last year they were operating over capacity most of the time, providing emergency shelter to victims of abuse in our area.

They also provide counseling, advocacy, and support, all free of charge, because their philosophy is, "No one should have to pay to feel safe". But providing that security does cost money.

This is where you and I come in. We are proud to support the 3rd Annual Drive Out Violence campaign, fueled by Vern Eide Motorcars to benefit Children's Inn, and you are invited to join us.

One of the easiest things you can do is, share the Drive Out Domestic Violence posts on other social media using the hashtag#DriveOutDV. You can also donate directly online. It takes about a minute of your time, but it can, and will, make a huge difference to people in the Sioux Falls area trying to rebuild their lives.

For more information please see Drive Out Domestic Violence onlineChildren's Inn online and on Facebook#DriveOutDV on Twitter, or call 605-338-4880.

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