Perhaps it is just me, but I can't think of one situation which cannot be improved by the presence of a freshly made doughnut. Monday mornings, unhappy children, birthdays, weddings, vacations, breakups- - you name it, even life's lowest moments can, if you will, be glazed over by a sweet simple doughnut.

There is plenty of proof in Sioux Falls that I'm not the only person with that opinion. Plains Commerce Bank and Flyboy Donuts are gearing up to join in a marriage of banking and baked goods and the fast-growing southeastern part of town couldn't be happier about the nuptials!

According to Jodi Schwan's Sioux Fall Business, the new location, (third for both businesses) located at 57th & Sycamore, in a development currently named The Market, is expected to open next spring. This new Flyboy "will have a similar vintage repurposed look to the location on East 10th Street".

So after another long winter in Sioux Falls, people in the 57th & Sycamore area will have the comforting arrival of sweet, doughy, sunshine!

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