I don't know how my Grandma did it. The caramel was always perfect in her holiday popcorn balls. You always needed to be prepared for two things. First, after one bite it was going to take you a while to chew because the caramel was thick and gooey, you could hardly get your teeth apart.

Second, eating just one wasn't going to be enough. And don’t ever let her catch you eating in the living room.

Dave Roberts/TSM

Knowing I had the original recipe that she concocted, what I wasn't aware of was the page that is pictured below from here original popcorn maker.

Dave Roberts/TSM

If you cannot make out the last line of the recipe it reads: Cook until it gets brittle.

That’s totally open to interpretation. Maybe you want to Google 'brittle' in reference to cooking caramel.

Another simple idea for those of you with kids at home.  Have fun.

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