An organization in New York just released results from their nationwide survey where they connected with at least thirty individuals in each state to test their math skills. South Dakota didn't fare so well.  More specifically, South Dakota ranked the very last in their survey.

Mathblog says each respondent was asked the same five questions, ranging from simple to difficult. To see the questions, a person needs to set up a user name and password, so I passed on the entire experience. Mathblog says they tried to be fair in their research:

We thought this would be an interesting test to see the numeracy levels of average Americans and compare that data from state to state.  We purposefully did not test our readers because broadly speaking the level of numeracy is likely to be much higher than the general public. The results and comparisons are interesting to explore.

Out of all the courses I've taken through the years, I fully admit I suck at math. There are however many talented and truly gifted people who prove that many articulate mathematicians call South Dakota home.

Last August, President Obama honored four South Dakota Math and Science teachers for their achievements in teaching students.

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