What exactly is Deadpool without the swearing, violence, and nudity the Ryan Reynolds film series is famous for? It is a family-friendlier, highly edited version of the same story being re-titled- - Once Upon a Deadpool. All of the previously mentioned elements have been removed to take Deadpool 2 from an R rating to a PG-13 so that Deadpool's younger fans can see the movie in a theater.

But that is not the only hope of the film's producers (one of whom is the luscious Mr. Reynolds). Toning down the film may also open the door to a theatrical release of the movie in China. The film market in China is very lucrative but highly censored and until now the film was banned there.

The two best reasons for this re-release are A) the addition of 20 minutes of additional footage and B) $1 from every movie ticket sold to this version of Deadpool 2 goes to the non-profit organization "Fudge" Cancer. Obviously, "Fudge" is not the actual first name of the charity, but suffice it to say they've been educating, supporting and guiding people with cancer since 2013.

The additional 20 minutes includes a mash-up with Princess Bride, with a now adult Fred Savage reprising his role of the boy who's grandpa is reading him a bedtime story. Only this time Deadpool has kidnapped him and is telling him the story of Deadpool 2. If you're unfamiliar with Princess Bride, take a peek at it as it is also a hilarious flick.

Once Upon a Deadpool will be in theaters beginning Wednesday, December 12 for a 12 day run up to Christmas, and you may be wondering, why they decided to do this now. They have re-framed some elements of the movie to make it appear as if it takes place during the holiday season.

I'm not giving anything else away, but you'll definitely want to watch some of the trailers (like the one below) that are out for this re-creation of a great, but definitely, extremely naughty film.


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