Despite the fact that this has been the strangest/worst year in the memory of many, life does carry on, albeit in very different ways. The need for items to make your home comfortable and sanctuary-esque is stronger than at any time in recent history.

For many people, their home has become the end-all and be-all of a safe haven. It is not merely the place you eat breakfast and say goodbye to significant others and kids as the day begins, nor is it only your landing spot at the end of a long day. Home has become the office, school, entertainment venue, gym, beauty parlor, restaurant, and more.

As they have always done, Consumer Reports scours stores, websites, and more looking for the best prices on products you may need year-round and on a monthly basis lets you know what the best buys are.

October's best buys reflect the desire for comfort, safety, and order, in your home and in the area just outside your doors.

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