David Friedli is the principal of Conestoga High School in Murray, Nebraska. He picked a snowy morning to get up early, dress himself all in black, and channel his inner Billy Joel.

On Monday Principal Friedli canceled school by recording a parody of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire."

Lyrics include: "Out on 42nd Street, weather there is less than neat, snow is drifting, winds are blowing, it's a real mess. Staff didn't want a snow day, but the snow keeps falling so that's why we're calling."

In a show of humility, the principal even pokes fun at himself for not being a singer. But I think the star of the video is the cat on top of the refrigerate. I couldn't stop watching the cat.

And in case you missed it yesterday (January 22), check out this Iowa school superintendent doing school closures to Bruno Mars' "Upton Funk."

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