Sioux Falls residents and surrounding communities whose households do not have the means to provide enough food will be happy to know that this Thanksgiving a generous supply of turkey will be available.

Thanks to a donation by the National Wild Turkey Federation, East Dakota Chapter, The Banquet will take delivery of turkeys in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

The Banquet is a non-profit feeding ministry that serves over 200,000 meals each year to people living in poverty in Sioux Falls, and meals are served by volunteer groups.

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As The Banquet is set to take part in Hunger and Homelessness Week November 12-20, several events will take place:

Monday, November 14 - Memorial service
Tuesday, November 15 - Freedom Clothing Project
Wednesday, November 16 - Meal service and Banquet tours
Thursday, November 17 - Food Truck Outreach
Friday, November 18 - Friendship Friday
Saturday, November 19 - Walk-A-Mile Community Event

“The Banquet relies on donations of turkey this time of year to fulfill our needs for the entire year. Our guests love the traditional gifts of turkey are a blessing to The Banquet. We rely on turkey and ham donations this time of year to fulfill our needs for an entire year,” said Tamera Jerke-Liesinger, Banquet Executive Director.

The donated turkeys will be delivered to The Banquet, 900 E. 8th Street in Sioux Falls Tuesday, November 15th at 9:45 AM.

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