Like a lot of people I know and love, I am constantly seeking to know and understand as much about our world and our existence on this planet, as I can. I like to learn something new every day, even if the knowledge attained is unpleasant, and at times, downright sorrowful. Most days, that goal is easily met.

But, learning something new, and embracing change, are not indistinguishable ideologies. I have never been someone who has dealt well with change. Especially,  when it is difficult, or unpleasant, at the outset. This uncomfortable crossroad, where learning and change intersect, can bring out obstinance, angst, and for some of us, even anger.

This being said, when I switched over to a smartphone a year-and-a-half ago, it took all of one day to fall in love with it. The reasons for this affection are many, but this technological wonder, which I can no longer live without, introduced me to texting, Facetiming, Zooming, lifechanging apps, and last, but certainly not least - - the world of podcasts.

I have become a podcast addict and apostle. There, I said it! When it comes to taking a deep dive into the subjects of the day, whether it is our current COVID-19 pandemic, the politics of all things personal and professional, literature, history, humor, you name it, there is no better place than podcasts.

But just like every other consumer product, you have to do your due diligence. In the case of worthy podcasts, it can be a major exercise in trial and error. There are just as many ghastly programs as there are great ones. And of course, it is entirely a matter of personal choice.

Right now and for the last year and a half, my absolute favorite podcasts are Hidden Brain and Selected Shorts. I gravitate towards Hidden Brain when I'm looking for insight into human behavior, as it deals with the things we do and why. It constantly examines the way our brains work, for better or worse, and, when they don't.

I can honestly say, it has changed my life in the ways I perceive certain people and situations.

Selected Shorts, a podcast that presents short stories read by authors, actors, and others, could be merely recreation, but, it also is an eye and ear-opener, due to the huge variety of subjects it covers within the parameters of entertainment.

I have spent many happy hours enthralled by the examination of philosophies, principles, science, behavior (and misbehavior), humor, interpersonal relationships, and so much more, which is offered for the rock bottom price of- - zero. Who says nothing is free anymore?

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