Just in case you forgot, Mother's Day is this Sunday, (May 8), so make sure you don't forget your mom, if you're still lucky enough to have one to celebrate in your life.

Now having said that, as you know, there are a number of different things a person can do each year to honor and make their mother feel appreciated on her special day, besides just giving her the customary Mother's Day card.

You, of course, could take her to brunch, send her flowers, give her the gift of time, by spending the day with her, pamper her with a Mother's Day spa package, help her tackle her to-do list, I mean the list can go on and on and on.

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A lot of moms out there, especially the younger ones, could really use the gift of clothing for not only themselves but other members of their family on Mother's Day. And that's where the gang with Two Men and a Truck in Sioux Falls comes in.

As Dakota News Now reports, Two Men and a Truck started an annual campaign called "Movers For Moms" several years ago. It's an annual event designed to benefit EMBE Dress For Success Sioux Falls.

Since starting the company in 1985, Two Men and a Truck have made the commitment to focus on women’s charities in the cities they operate.

According to Dakota News Now, the Sioux Falls branch of Two Men and a Truck make it a priority each year to focus on collecting clothing since going through clothes is something people always do when they make the decision to move.

So during the week of Mother's Day, the Sioux Falls version of Two Men and a Truck encourage residents throughout the area that are preparing to move, to donate good condition dresses and other clothing they no longer want or can use.

The folks with Two Men at a Truck will move all the clothing donated in the direction of moms here in the Sioux Empire that could really use it.

There are a number of different clothing drop-off locations in Sioux Falls and around the state where you can donate your unwanted clothing. See the complete list here.

Source: Dakota News Now


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