Lately, I have been seriously thinking about divesting myself of a way too expensive, upgraded cable package from Midco. There are a huge amount of channels I never watch, too few which I do and it would make sense to do some cost-cutting. I wish cable companies would allow you to bundle your own stations!

Now however, I'm putting those plans on hold. Something happened over the weekend to change my mind. During the big snowstorm I discovered that the Hallmark Movie & Mysteries Channel has added one of the best television shows ever, to their line-up.

You may have heard me refer to Ben again and again as "Mr. Monk", "Adrian Monk" or simply, "Monk". It is said with love because he is my own personal germaphobe much like the remarkable character played by Tony Shaloub in that wonderful series. Monk ran for 8 seasons (2002-2009) and is now being shown again by Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, most days of the week at 1 and 2 PM.

Tony Shaloub won multiple Emmys (3 Best Actor nods), a Golden Globe and  two Screen Actors Guild Awards, for his portrayal of Adrian Monk, a deeply troubled, genius, with an endless list of phobias (including germs), a deep devotion to his late wife and an uncanny knack for knowing exactly how and who committed the murders he solves.

Everything about the show was brilliant; the writing, the casting of supporting and guest, players (many of whom also won Emmys) the directing, the music (Emmy award-winning for Jeff Beal and also Randy Newman) and of course the acting.

I am thrilled it is back on TV again, I wish there was some way to bring it together again for a new version of the show. In the meantime, I'll delay dumping my upgraded cable for the love of Monk!

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