Does this sound familiar, it's 7pm, you're finishing the dishes, while checking your child's homework, attempting to calm an angry 2-year old, folding a little laundry and trying to find a spare minute to reply to your bosses email?

Some might call this the "multitask shuffle," ask any mom, she will probably call it a typical day.

According to a new survey of moms, 62% say they multitask at least once an hour, every hour, of their entire lives!

Of those women, 46% say it's definitely more than just once an hour and they're constantly multitasking at all times. Mainly because they don't have any other choice.

Moms are more likely to get stuck with labor-intensive housework or childcare activities, while dads generally multitask by talking to several people at once or performing self-care. Dads are also more involved in kids' recreational activities.

While multitasking is generally a positive experience for dads, moms feel stressed and conflicted when they multitask at home as well as in public places, mostly due to the type of activities performed.

How can mom get a break? The experts say by getting dad more involved in the mundane aspects of home and child care. Simply doing things together as a family in the context of the home can go a long way.

But first, you need to convince dad who thinks everything is fine, while sitting in his recliner watching the ballgame to snap into action.

Whoops! Looks like you just picked up another task mom!


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