A lady in Minnesota recently posted a picture of some clouds that look like ocean waves in the sky and the folks went nuts!

According to WCCO in Minneapolis Theresa Lucas took the picture of this incredible cloud while she was on the road near Bemidji, Minnesota.

The cloud formation is really kind of a mind-blowing optical illusion. Here is what some folks on Reddit had to say...

imalittleC-3PO: "It's actually making my head hurt. My brain literally can't process this."

ilyak_reddit: "I scrolled only halfway and read the post. Then I scrolled down to the road and now my brain is broken."

Xrumrunnrx: "It's amazing and I'd love to see it but I'd be terrified."

Freman: "I'm not going to lie, I'd be fighting the urge to chuck a uey and floor it in the opposite direction."

FITZ: "Wow! This is insane! I thought it's photoshopped."

Piratecheese13: "Legit thought this was the ocean and the sky above before I scrolled further down"

Minnesota Clouds WCCO Twitter
Minnesota Clouds WCCO Twitter

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