Whenever you order from a restaurant, everyone's worst fear is to find something in your food. It can be pretty traumatizing depending on what you find and on how much you have already eaten. I understand accidents happen and I truly try to believe that most people out there that handle your food do not intentionally put hair, bugs, or what have you in it on purpose.

What makes this story so gross and so unique is the fact that nobody has a clear-cut idea of what was in this woman's pizza. Abby Honold took to Twitter and posted a picture of the slimy object that she found baked in the pizza she ordered from a Domino's in St. Louis Park, Minnesota on Friday, November 4.

She said she ordered a thin-crust cheese and mushroom pizza. Honold spoke with Bring Me The News and said " I bit into my pizza and found this, baked into the pizza.” I don't know about you but I have never seen a mushroom that looked like it had hair or feathers on it before. Ughhhh, Gross! To me, it looks like some kind of mangled-up animal.

She immediately notified Domino's and provided pictures which were sent to customer service, she too said it looked like it had feathers or fur. A customer service representative did get back to her on November 5 via e-mail saying they have passed the information on to the appropriate team so they can follow up with her. The e-mail also went on to say:

We know you have many meal options and we appreciate you choosing Domino’s. We hope to make this right and regain your trust. Your business is very important, and we want to give a good reason to return as a loyal customer.

As of this past Monday, she has not heard any more information from Domino's. She went on to say how frustrated she is becoming and also that she is still randomly gagging and having trouble eating since the incident. Um yeah, my god that is so disgusting. She is handling this way better than I would. I know for a fact that I would have gone to the store directly with that thing found in my pizza and talked to someone on the spot.

Now again accidents happen, and I am sure this is an isolated incident, but how does something like this even happen? This is not a single hair or a small bug this thing looks pretty big to have just been baked into a pizza without anybody noticing. I am not convinced.

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