The town of Anoka, Minnesota has passed an ordinance that makes it illegal for kids to draw on city sidewalks with chalk. According to the Star Tribune, any kid who dares to draw a hopscotch board is now breaking the law.

The far-reaching ordinance controls city infrastructure such as light posts, flagpoles, buildings, banners, and even chalk art. The Star Tribune reports that only items which illustrate "governmental expression of the city of Anoka" are now permitted.

Any displays or art must be approved by the city and also must celebrate and portray Anoka in a positive fashion.

Once councilmember voted against the ordinance, telling the Star Tribune he agreed with most of the ordinance except for the part about sidewalk chalk.

"I don't want to make it illegal for a kid to draw on the sidewalk with chalk, which is what we are saying," he said. "I am not OK with that."

Apparently, the council wanted to include an exception for children's art, but the city attorney told them it was all-or-nothing while citing federal precedent regarding the control of chalk art on sidewalks.

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