It's the land of 10,000 lakes and apparently also the land of some very polite people. Minnesota really knows how to mind their manners and treat others as they would like to be treated.

WordFinder did a state-by-state study of Google trends data looking for the state with the most searches for polite phrases. They also searched for the states who googled the most terms of endearment and compliments.

The top five most polite states along with their most searched polite term -

  1. Montana - I don't care what the numbers say. I'm a native Montanan. Do I seem polite? In any case, the word Montanans search the most is "Please".
  2. Vermont - Yes they have a beautiful leaf show every fall, but you'd think all that snowfall might make them a little testy. Their big search term is "Civil".
  3. Alabama - Southern hospitality, maybe? Their search phrase is "Beg Your Pardon".
  4. Minnesota - This study highlights the polite nature of Minnesota residents and reinforces the state's reputation for kindness, respect, and community values. It also shows how the use of polite language can have a significant impact on the perception of politeness and respectfulness in a particular state or region. Minnesotans searched the phrase, "Well-Behaved", the most.
  5. Delaware - They have to be nice. When your state nickname is "Chemical Capital of the World", you'd better be polite. This state's most searched phrase is "Thanks So Much".

South Dakota came in a somewhat respectable 14th, but apparently, we are nowhere near as gracious as our neighbors to the north and east. Our most searched phrase is "Pardon Me".

Sources: WordFinder and StudyFinds

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