A Minnesota man who was bow hunting in a tree stand in Carver County, Minnesota, was charged for shooting a dog with a bow and arrow.  According to KSTP TV,  33-year-old Benjamin Lee Schroeder has been charged with one count of mistreatment of animals, which is considered a felony in Minnesota and could land him in prison for two years and a $5,000 fine.  The incident took place about a month ago.

Schroeder told authorities the dog was scaring the deer away from his stand so he decided to shoot it.  "It was a split-second decision."  Schroeder later felt remorse and offered to pay for the loss of the dog to the family.

As a dog lover myself, no amount of money is going to bring back your pet.  It's not like it's a bicycle or something material.  As also a hunter, I don't care what the circumstance, I'm not sure how you could ever shoot a pet.  It's not like the guy's life was in danger in a tree stand.

The dog Schroeder shot was a one-year-old Great Pyrenees, named Reba.  The Swanson family says the dog wandered onto the neighboring property when she was shot and killed by Schroeder with a bow and arrow.

Reba was the family's beloved watchdog.  Protecting the family's chickens and other livestock from predators.  She would routinely chase animals off the Swanson's property into the woods.  On that fateful day, Reba never returned.  The Swanson's deny that Reba was chasing or harassing deer.

Benjamin Lee Schroeder is scheduled to appear in court this Friday.

Here's a picture of the beautiful dog.

Here's the initial story from WCCO TV.

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