For decades McCrossan Boys Ranch has served families to provide a home where boys can find new hope for a better life. And to support those efforts each year we put up our best team of hackers for a fun round of golf at the annual Golf Classic for Kids.

Play will happen on Wednesday, June 24 at Central Valley Golf Course in Hartford with a 12:00 PM shotgun start. Your 4-person team participation in the golf classic will benefit the ongoing mission of McCrossan's.

The McCrossan staff along with Central Valley will be creative and continue to hold this tournament taking every precaution possible. The event will be a fun-filled day with prizes given to the top teams and individuals.

The money raised from this event helps support the many quality programs at the Ranch that will make a difference in the lives of our at-risk youth.

McCrossan's welcomes new sponsors each year and can contact Christy Menning in the Development Office at (605) 339-1203.

Our Ten Commandments of Your Next Golf Scramble:

Thou Shalt Show Up On Time: So you're not left out of the team picture.

Thou Shalt Not Ask to Borrow a Club: "Because one of yours isn't working" isn't an excuse.

Thou Shalt Not Bring a Cooler: If you want a beer or something to drink patronize the course.

Thou Shalt Buy In: If your team was sponsored always make sure you buy into the mulligans or contests to support the organization. It's the least you can do.

Thou Shalt Not Practice Swing: You're not in the PGA. This isn't The Masters. You don't need practice swings, you're holding up the team behind you.

Thou Shalt Take a Mulligan: You paid for them, use them.

Thou Shalt Hang Around: After the tournament don't rush off to let the dog out when your team is in the running for the win.

Thou Shalt Give Thanks: Take the time to thank your team and those who paid your entry fee.

Thou Shalt Not Spit: Leave the sunflower seeds in your gift bag.

Thou Shalt Keep Thy Comments to Thyself, Or Sleep on Thy Couch: Guys, if you're golfing with your wife, never make a comment about her waggle

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