Maybe it's just me, but the products which Consumer Reports says are great buys this month all scream Spring! Don't get me wrong, I am a bona fide Winter lover, but for some reason this year, I am looking forward to green grass and warmer weather.

For instance, interior paint is a great buy during March. This totally leads into the whole "spring cleaning & sprucing" philosophy, doesn't it? According to CR you don't even have to go with the most expensive ones either because some of the best buys are the lower priced choices from the premium brands.

Next is exercise equipment, (specifically, ellipticals and treadmills). With spring and summer on the way, people will be spending more time in the sunshine and wearing less clothing while doing it. This might mean you'll be looking for something to help you spruce up your appearance and thankfully this is a good time to buy.

Spring and summertime also means vacations for more people and for those of us who still believe in cameras (no, I don't own a smartphone and even if I did, I would still have a camera) right now is a good time to get a great buy on one. Especially if you shop for last year's models and let's be honest, when it comes to a camera, most of us wouldn't know the difference.

Carbon monoxide and smoke alarms are products which are also deeply discounted this month and especially if you're thinking of upgrading your home to a whole-house protection system, now could be the time to shop for these necessities.

The new big screen TV that was a steal last month, all of a sudden needs some improvement audio-wise and you're in luck; sound bar speakers should be a great buy in March.

Finally, tell yourself that chocolate is good for you, (like I do) and indulge in a box of them at discounted prices, thanks to after-Valentine's Day sales and the fact that "chocolate's shelf life is 10 days to 2 weeks"

Consumer Reports has more details for you here.

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