For a series of months, a major east-west corridor was off limits in Sioux Falls. The Madison Street and Louise Avenue intersection got needed improvements and was officially opened on July 9.

You may recall that the project began with just the portion of Madison Street between the Big Sioux River and Louise Avenue was under construction. Eventually the entire intersection was gutted so new concrete could be installed. All that’s left is a piece of Louise Avenue between the west entrances of the Concrete Materials plant.

City Engineer John Osman confirms that the project is on schedule. Osman also said that Concrete Materials had done their best to adapt during this ordeal.

“We had to coordinate work at the railroad crossing to reduce disturbance to Concrete Materials. Concrete Materials was a very cooperative partner in the project.”

A silver lining for this project is that the intersection was open for the Hot Harley Nights concert this past weekend at the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds and will be ready for the Sioux Empire Fair in August. The Faith Temple food giveaway kept their effort going in the Nordstrom-Johnson building, but the volunteers and needy had to access from the south side of the Fairgrounds during the intersection closure.

The project initially began on April 2. Completion date is set for October 15.

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