Looks Meat Market has a long and storied history going all the way back to the 1800s. Currently located near 69th & Western in the Heather Ridge Village (6213 Old Village Place), some recent activity may suggest another location could be coming soon.

The owners of Looks Meat Market have expressed interest in taking over the CJ Callaway's properties on 69th Street off of Minnesota Avenue.

A rezoning plan would not involve closing the restaurant, rather the indication is that Looks would be doing some remodeling of the existing properties. Look's Meat Market owners have participated in a neighborhood meeting where positive feedback was received and are planning another session.

At this time there has been no information regarding when Look's might want to take over the CJ Callaway's property. The rezoning request will now go to the City Planning Commission, to be considered during an October 3rd meeting, and then on to the City Council.

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