The moment an individual or family gets a diagnosis of cancer, a clock begins to tick and every minute becomes precious in terms of what comes next; a treatment plan, insurance and financial issues, possible employment changes, emotional support and counseling, living and moving forward with survival and so much more.

That is where the Livestrong Foundation comes in. They assist families with invaluable navigation services. Patients are set up with an advisor who helps them find the best, most up-to-date cancer treatment. They give people journals and planners which help them keep appointments straight and are also filled with resource information.

Livestrong can connect cancer fighters with counselors and peer support as they journey through their diagnosis, look for clinical trials, provide fertility education and preservation options and much more.

Supporting the Livestrong mission and having fun while doing it is what the Tour De Brew Sioux Falls is all about. Saturday (August 12), the 2nd Annual Tour De Brew kicks off in Sioux Falls with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Livestrong Foundation. What is the Tour De Brew Sioux Falls?

Glad you asked! It is an annual bike ride touring along the beautiful Sioux Falls Bike Trails with refreshing stops at 7 of the best pubs and eateries in town! The route begins at Sickies Garage at 11:00 AM and ends at Granite City around 8:00 PM, where there will be a band and even more festivities on the back patio, (reserved for riders) plus Granite City will donate 10% of everything purchased by Tour De Brew riders back to Livestrong to help local families.

For more information, tickets & registration, check out the Tour De Brew Sioux Falls on Eventbrite and on Facebook.


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