Luck was on someone's side when they purchased a lottery ticket in Canistota back in December. The ticket, matching 5 of 6 numbers in the Powerball drawing (oh, so close!) was purchased at the Total Stop Food Store on December 11, 2021.

That ticket is worth $100,000!

The winning ticket has so far gone unclaimed. According to South Dakota Lottery rules, the winning ticket holder has 180 days to claim the ticket. The Powerball ticket was purchased on December 11 which means the ticket owner has until June 9, 2022 to claim it at a South Dakota Lottery office.

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The winning Powerball drawing numbers drawn on December 11, 2021 were:

3, 25, 44, 53, 64, PB 10


If you purchased a ticket at the Total Food Stop in Canistota, South Dakota on December 11, 2021, you are $100,000 richer - but time is approaching to claim the ticket - or it's lost.

If you feel lucky, the Powerball for this weekend, Saturday, April 2, is at an estimated $222 million. Not bad.

"If I ever win the lottery I’m gonna hide $100 bills in parking lot cart corrals so I know only decent humans find them."

— @StruggleDisplay

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