Yes, I'm one of those people who refuses to give up a landline. Yes, I'm pretty obstinate about it! Why? I'm not quite sure. I'm used to it, I've always had one, a lot of people still call me on it, it is part of a trio deal I have through my cable company (which believe me stopped being a good deal ages ago!).

Those are all reasons I have given for why I still have one. I simply do not want to completely switch over to a cell phone. Which is another point of contention between me and the guy I've worked with for almost 24 years.

Ben and I have this discussion every time I crab about my cable rates going up yet again. He tells me I need to "cut the cord, go with an HDTV antenna or satellite TV, dump the landline and find a cheaper internet provider!" He is probably right about the cable part of it, but I still want my landline and that is not likely to change.

I have carried what he likes to refer to as a "bag phone" or a "drug dealer's disposable phone", for almost a decade. I can make and take calls, and send texts. That is all it does and that is all I need. It does not have a camera, nor can I play games, send or get Snapchats, check out Pinterest or watch TV shows or movies.

And don't even get me started on why I still love vinyl records, have a turntable, a cassette player and still buy movies on DVD. These are all things Ben shakes his head at, mutters a disgusted "Ugh!", and goes on to not so subtly imply what a dinosaur I am.

He is correct, in that I'm no techno-wizard. Technology and I have had a difficult relationship, but I strive to understand as much of it as I am capable and I must say technology has not returned the favor. So it goes. My only option is to muddle on, safe in the knowledge that I am not alone.

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