Her first full-time television job and introduction to South Dakota in mid-January, eight years ago, could have been daunting to someone who grew up in Arizona. A person with less work ethic and fortitude may well have rapidly exited our cold state in search of warmer, more lucrative climes.

But KSFY's Courtney Collen, fresh out of college at the time,  stuck it out, made it work and found her life here. Beginning as a reporter, then moving into producing and anchoring, Courtney hit her stride in a demanding profession, which has taken much abuse over the last year.

She met and married the love of her life, Jeff Sebesta in September of 2017 and instantly became a mom to two furry four-legged kids. She made friends all over Sioux Falls, including here in our building, and I'm sure will continue to do so.

But you know the saying, "all good things must come to an end", and so it is with Courtney's time at KSFY. She has announced her departure from the news world, with her last day at KSFY coming on Friday, January 11.

She'll be taking a position with the non-profit organization Seeds of Change, created by POET Energy. Its mission is to provide quality education, a reliable food supply, and clean air to individuals, communities, and cultures around the globe. I know her intelligence and kindness will serve her well there too.

The video below was taken when Courtney visited us in our studio on a day which we tried to convince her was a "typical day" for us. Dressed in our robes, sleep masks and slippers, with our newsgal Beth Warden serving us coffee and breakfast on her silver tea service, we went all out. Whether Courtney bought it or not remains in question to this day!

Sources: KSFY & Courtney Collen Sebesta


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