Sara Jerke was just doing what many moms do. She was out with her kids doing a bit of clothes shopping at the Eastside Walmart on Wednesday night. She and her daughter Brooklyn, had found something to try on and her adorable three-year-old son Roman, was (like most three-year-olds) less than thrilled that activity had come to a halt.

He was just a bit restless and it was at this point that Walmart employee Braelyn Smith entered their universe. She performed a kindness that was (in her mind) a very small thing, but to Sara, it was unexpected, life-affirming and astounding all at once!

Braelyn took it upon herself to sit on the floor, took Roman into her lap and colored with him, so Sara and Brooklyn could try on the clothing item, undisturbed. Any harried mom, for that matter anyone, can relate and appreciate this unselfish act of goodwill and the grace and humanity it displayed.

During a tumultuous time in our lives (and honestly when isn't it?) this story made me smile and marvel at the capacity within all of us to show patience, sympathy, and decency to others in our orbit. We must let empathy lead us to this state of solicitude as often as we can. It really is worth the trip!

Source: Sara Jerke

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