I'm not sure why people mistake Karla Brown and I for each other. I know Karla doesn't believe it, but I think just as many people mistake me for her, as they do her for me. The difference is, I really don't mind. Karla does. And who can blame her, she's younger,  cuter, taller, funnier, more outgoing, has better hair and is just a whole lot more fun than I am. I freely admit that.

Let me give you a tour of the montage of photos above. Beginning on the left top, that is the beaming Karla Brown, below is me with my friend Todd Heitkamp, at bottom is Karla in her office with friend Jane. Middle top photo is Karla, middle bottom is me. Finally right top photo is Karla with her boyfriend Rick and BFF Kristi, middle is me and my sister's Newfie, Angel, and bottom is Karla's baby, Miss Kitty.

Karla is so delightful that Barry Manilow actually dragged her up onstage to dance with him at his concert here in Sioux Falls. As anyone who knows Karla can tell you, she is especially hilarious when she's aggravated about something unjust or some idiotic action another human being has taken. She tells it like it is!

Karla is the best daughter in the world and has always spent a great deal of time making sure her mom is well taken care of. When her mom still lived at home she would spend every weekend in the spring and summer doing yardwork and sprucing around the house in Wagner.

Other than her husband/boyfriend Rick Springfield, the great love in her life is her adorable cat, Miss Kitty. Karla is infamous for the fact that she hates almost every vegetable and fruit known to man and don't try to slip them to her in the form of a casserole, cookie, cake, or pie either or she'll drop you like a hot pocket!

I have no problem with people mistaking me for her. I'm proud to call her my friend and if people mistake me for her, so be it. I'll just have to try to be more interesting! But for her sake, stop calling her Patty! Thank you.

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