Not so fast Grasshopper! You can only get this yummy, beautifully gruesome beverage in the U.K., Sweden, Norway and Singapore. My response? "What's the deal Starbucks?!"

Americans love Halloween! Last year they spent the all-time record of $8.4 billion (with a giant B) on Halloween. This year's spending projections ($9.1 billion) are even higher! And you're telling me a drink like the Vampire Frappucino, that would sell like crazy is only available to people in faraway lands? Well, I never!

The good news is that thanks to the versatility of Starbucks baristas, you could have them create a Vampire Frappucino for you. Simply ask for a mocha Frappucino with strawberry sauce drizzled down the inside of the cup and all over the whipped topping.

Mmm! Delectable and creepy!

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