National Employee Appreciation Day is coming up on Friday, March 4. It is a day for all employers to recognize and appreciate their employees' hard work and effort throughout the year. Granted, it's an unofficial holiday, which means those hardworking employees will be working on a day meant to honor them. Oh, the irony!

Nevertheless, the question arises, "Just how hardworking are Sioux Falls employees?". If the latest WalletHub study is to be believed, very. Work ethic still means something in our small city.

Even during a pandemic where many employees shifted to at-home work and a time that recent history has dubbed the "Great Resignation", Sioux Falls employees who remained kept their shoulders to the proverbial wheel.

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To find out where Americans are working the hardest (at least in the 116 largest cities in the country), WalletHub crunched a whole bunch of numbers.

The most recent study still shows what hard workers we are here in Sioux Falls. (Go us!) Sioux Falls came in twelfth this year, which is a very respectable rank. Anchorage, Alaska was number one again this year. (They work super hard to stay warm apparently.)

The key factors they investigated included: average workweek hours, labor force participation rate, workers with multiple jobs, commute time, volunteer hours, and leisure time spent on an average day (what the heck is that?!).

There is a downside to this good news, however. Yes, Americans are notoriously industrious, but working more hours does not necessarily mean we're more productive. Unfortunately, it's quite the contrary according to research which indicates we lag behind our global counterparts in many ways.

Americans work more hours, take less vacation time, and retire later than the working populace in most other countries. So while it is flattering that we're being recognized as the hardest working humans on the planet, perhaps we should also take a moment and consider stepping out of the harness for just a bit every day. Hmm?

Source: WalletHub

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